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BUCKED Up - Energy Drink Rocket Pop 473 ml

BUCKED Up - Energy Drink Rocket Pop 473 ml

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We are Bucked Up Energy, we come from sports nutrition. We help world class athletes achieve their fitness goals. Now we're here to help you, whoever you are: The entrepreneur with a sales pitch to dominate, the college kid with a mid-term to ace, the gamer with competition to smash, the server with two tables to greet & food in the window.

And even you: The stim-junkie who just won't crash.


Rocket Pop is time travel. It takes you back to your childhood. Fourth of July parades, fireworks, and best of all...Red, White, and Blue popsicles under a shady tree. Drink what you want to drink. Love who you want to love. Just do you. So go ahead. Pop open a cold Rocket Pop and enjoy the flavor of freedom.

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